Davmaster brings us this winner of 27 Academy Awards, hence banned in the USA due to extreme anti-humanism.

Huntress Moon shows us this rare still from Watchkitties, an independent project famous for showing Evil Kitty's giant glowing Russian Blue penis.

Jimmy Stewarts Ghost shows us... Oh, god!  NEXT!

Frodo is fucked.  Evidence by Robbie H.

By the rereturn; You would think that this was a deleted still from Jurassic Park, but it is actually Evil Kitty preparing to eliminate Newman for making Jerry's life so difficult.

Mike B. shows us this rare pre-release poster for Independence Day when the entire alien force was represented by Evil Kitty.  The rough cut of the movie was so brutal and terrifying, Bill Clinton ordered Outer Space nuked.

Cammy tells us more of the Joachim Phoenix situation.  Perhaps this is really Evil Kitty's goal?

The early drafts of what was to become 30 Days of Night were rejected because no one believed that anyone would survive one night of Evil Kitty, much less 30.

Juan Sanchez shows us People Cat, the movie that would eventually become Cat People.  Evil Kitty refused to continue shooting the movie protesting the fact that "people" got first billing.

According to Luke R., in the days of olde, knights would venture off to fight Evil Kitty.  Of course, none of them would return from the battle except those who excelled in tummy scratching.

During its 124 seasons on Broadway, Evil Cats earned more money that the gross domestic product of China and India combined.  Death Proof believes that it was its sudden closure that resulted in the 2008 economic crisis.

More evidence from Death Proof.  Evil Kitty's line of Hello Evil Kitty wear proved very popular in Germany where the mere sight of it caused the witness to loose all materials in their bowels.  It can currently be see at www.derevilkittymakenmeshizenheilhitler.com.

Gary Busey was once a mathematical genius and promising researcher until going as Evil Kitty one Halloween.  Upon looking at himself in the mirror, his psyche crumbled and he became the man we all know today... fucking crazy.  Evidence by Death Proof.

Death Proof presents: the death of Godzilla.

By Death Proof.  Evil Kitty is the reason why John's last name is Cryer.

According to Death Proof, Evil Kitty was to play the Jim Carrey role in Me, Myself, and Irene until it was discovered that Evil Kitty had no good personality - just a slightly less evil one.