Cammy has a theory about what the hell is wrong with Joachim Phoenix.

Dinosss-go-rarr shows us the Terminator movie that could have been.  The problem with this version was that Evil Kitty kept succeeding in killing John Conner regardless of what the script said.  After the funerals of both Edward Furlong and Nick Stahl, Christian Bale would only take the role if Evil Kitty was replaced with a three story metal robot with claws and machine guns.  You know, something safer.

Skuba Steevo shows us why you shouldn't look into the eyes of Evil Kitty.

Mike B. shows us a disturbing piece of history.  The disturbing part is that this picture was taken just this morning outside of Panda Express!

Evil Kitty was fired from this movie after getting Robert Downey Jr. hooked on catnip.  As Rumpled 4 Skin tells us, Evil Kitty was so upset over loosing yet another film role, she crashed two towers into some airplanes, a feat that has gone unnoticed and misunderstood since 2001.