Blevo provides us with this little known fact that Evil Kitty was an original member of South Park's Christmas Critters, but even the Critters found her jokes about devouring newborns straight from their mother's birth canal in poor taste... moreso when they realized she wasn't joking and did it every Saturday night.

Der Evil Dr. Boll ponders the question of where the world would be without Evil Kitty's infamous 1969 Christmas Album.  Track three is especially memorable because it contains no music; just the sounds of Evil Kitty torturing an elf.

bmoviebuff gives us this rare still from the early shoots of Ron Howard's How the Grinch Stole Christmas starring Evil Kitty as The Grinch.  Howard had to fire Evil Kitty from the movie when not only did she steal Christmas, but also Thanksgiving, Easter, Valentine's Day, and April 31st.  With some coaxing, Evil Kitty returned the holidays, but kept one to herself just to screw with people.

Mazaru666 shows us that Evil Kitty enjoyed a brief stint as Hobbes in the beloved comic book strip originally titled Kevin and Evil Kitty.  However, it was a short success when Evil Kitty slaughtered Kevin with a spork when Kevin insisted that Evil Kitty was a figment of his imagination.  Who's a figment now, Kevin?

One Christmas, Evil Kitty misunderstood the meaning of the words "Christmas sleigh" and was tricked into pulling children behind her.  Thankfully, her evil rectal gasses gave all of the children AIDs for Christmas.

bmoviebuff brings us this picture of...

Actually, I don't want to talk about it.

MikeofAllTrades brings us the shocking end of The Christmas Shoes video in which Evil Kitty personally sends mommy to meet Jesus.  Unfortunately, after Evil Kitty was done, mommy did not look beautiful.

While searching for LARP battles for pointers, bmoviebuff came across this shocking video on youtube.  When reached for comment, Donner1701 said, "I don't understand!  My Christmas tree isn't on--  OH MY GOD!!!"