Wolfgang tells us that once Evil Kitty has ruled the Earth for a thousand years, she will drink the blood of a thousand virgins and evolve into a higher being where she will go on and consume the entire universe.

Although futile, Oddbody has infomed us that a resistance to Evil Kitty has formed and might just have the strength and resolve to last and fight as long as it takes me to finish this sentence.

Oops.  I was wrong.

Evil Kitty was the orginal first choice to play Doctor Lecter, but when Jodi Foster kept breaking down and crying during takes, she was replaced by Anthony Hopkins.  BadLieutenant tells us that Evil Kitty retaliated by stealing Jodi Foster's heterosexuality.

It is not only Evil Kitty's intention to dominate all life on Earth, but also all sports except for ice hockey which she will leave to the white man.  This picture snapped by Wolfgang.

Blevo points out an odd government advisor named Doctor Strangepussy who has backed every demand Evil Kitty has made to Washington.  Could this advisor be allied with Evil Kitty?  Only time will tell.