As a hobby, Evil Kitty likes to pose as a Mexican wrestler.  Had it not been for a drunken night spent in Juarez with prostitutes of various ages and genders, Oddbody might not have noticed for us.

ggfunk shows us that it was indeed the Evil Kitty who was responsible for returning Hal Jordan to the DC Universe.  According to Evil Kitty, "I like boring white characters."

One of the main nemesis's in the Star Trek universe is the evil Gul DuCat.  Weaver tells us that Evil Kitty was his inspiration, but we're having trouble seeing a resemblance.

Wolfgang shows us that Evil Kitty as originally going to be one of the main characters in Ice Age, but the temptation to eat that fucking possum's head was just too great.

Evil Kitty was originally cast in the movie High Tension, but was fired when it was painfully obvious that she was the killer the whole time.  Blevo tells us that her retaliation was cut short in that she hissed at France once and it instantly surrendered.