Once Evil Kitty cloned herself and called the clone Mini-Evil Kitty.  The clone, although one-eigth her size and thusly one-eighth as evil, was still extremely evil and, as jmcshane has told us, had to be disposed of.  This clone is currently the leader of Hezbolla.

Sharp-eyed motorists will notice that Evil Kitty has started to put up billboards announcing her upcoming takeover of civilization.  as Oddbody has told us, they are supposed to cause the public great fear, but come off as racist.  Evil Kitty had the advertising firm destroyed shortly after.

What sort of evil plans does Evil Kitty have for the Earth?  Miscreation was told only what she plans to do with Rhode Island and has spent the last three weeks stabbing himself in the ear with knitting needles.

Weaver saw this album in the music store the other day and purchased it.  Although he called the music pleasant, he was struck by an odd urge to buy catnip and tuna and leave it in a brown paper bag on a bus stop bench.  Our conclusion: subliminal mind control!

Kev's Year tells us of a frightening incident where a scientist tried to bring Evil Kitty back from extinction.  Of course, no one bothered to tell him that Evil Kitty wasn't extinct and so he and his guests in Evil Kitty Park were all destroyed by thirty tons of rampaging pussy.