Mr. Right gathered this photographic evidence before being stampeded by Tom Hanks that the real DaVinci Code was actually "So Dark the Soul of Evil Kitty."

Miscreation tells us of a movie in the works about Evil Kitty in which Evil Kitty plays herself and the story is so convoluted and confusing that no one knows what is going on and everyone in the audience commits suicide... just as Evil Kitty wants.

Sir Dickwin of Cockmore has unearthed this disturbing evidence that Evil Kitty is a vampire.  Not that she loves the taste of blood, just biting people.

As moonite proves with this photographic evidence, it was actually Evil Kitty who drove drunk in Malibu and spouted Anti-Semitic statements.  The cops blamed Mel Gibson after Evil Kitty threatened to soddomize them.  It's unclear how this would have happened since Evil Kitty is female, but her threat proved effective none the less.

As you can see by this screen grab from some video surveillance taken by Wolfgang, Evil Kitty cannot be contained or controlled.  Don't even try.