Wolfgang has told us that one of the signs you may be in Evil Kitty's control is a sense of deja vu.  By the time you realize this, however, it is too late.

Old Yeller tells us that although Evil Kitty may appear to be on drugs sometimes, she just thinks on a completely different and alien level than the rest of us.

Recently, Evil Kitty destroyed several British chicks who dares to explore a cave that Evil Kitty decided was her own.  Blevo informed us that one of them made it out alive despite what the American version of the story said.

Once, while discussing religion with Sir Dickwin of Cockmore, Evil Kitty continually referred to Satan as, "That pussy."

RailroadHatPat shows us that one of Evil Kitty's aspirations is to sit in judgment over all dogs, both good and bad, and crush their souls.