While one may think that Evil Kitty's intentions are purely evil, some good does occasionally come of it as we see here moments before she tears Martin Lawrence' spine out for making Big Momma's House 2.  Photo by Wolfgang.

jmcshane shows us one of Evil Kitty's hobbies.   No, not street racing... homeless hunting.

Evil Kitty won 32 Oscars for this movie about how much she hates Dogs.  This poster was donated by Old Yeller who is also hated by Evil Kitty.

Redant happened upon this glimpse into Evil Kitty's ultimate plan.  For that, his family was killed, grilled, and fed to him.

Jmcshane tells us that Darth Kitty was a concept that George Lucas came up with in the early days of Star Wars, however he dropped this idea when he realized that no one would buy the idea of Darth Kitty turning good at the end.