Weaver went to the edge of the final frontier to show us what really killed Kirk.

Pieatorium barely escaped the Matrix with this diabolical agent on the prowl.

This movie poster, appropriated by bmoviebuff, shows an early concept for the movie Eight Below.  Evil Kitty was let go by Disney because it was thought that the scene where she eviscerates the dogs with an icicle would have put the movie's G rating in jeopardy.

This picture, snapped by bmoviebuff before he was shot in the face, shows Evil Kitty and her massing army.  At the time this picture was taken, Evil Kitty grew suspicious of a traitor in her ranks.

Even though staring at her terrifying visage for too long has been proven to drive people mad, Mr. Right points out that Evil Kitty has become quite popular in the art world... mainly because artists want an art world once the takeover is complete.