RailroadHatPat brings us this footage of Evil Kitty preparing to smash newborn puppies.

JRSly brings us this anecdote.  Once, Evil Kitty was watching boxing when she heard Mohammed Ali say that he was the greatest.  Enraged, Evil Kitty set out to prove him wrong.  As the night for the title bout drew near, Ali started faking brain damage to get out of the fight and has been faking it ever since.

Evil Kitty once conquered France and promised to let it go if they pretended to thin that Jerry Lewis is the greatest comedian on the face of the Earth.  France relented and has since become the laughing stock of the planet.  RailroadHatPat was commissioned to paint this portrait to commemorate the event and was paid in old fish heads.

Under her rule, Evil Kitty will be revising all the world's religions to make her the central figure.  Castor_troy2k5 shows us one of the pieces about to replace The Last Supper.  In it, Evil Kitty is surrounded by her apostles:  Fluffy, Princess, Ed-a-puss, Tiger, Lion-O, and Dixie.

As these poor souls discovered too late, even the holy hand grenade was not sufficient enough to stop Evil Kitty.  Skinless hopes the dead solders have learned from their mistake.