Agnes Nutter shows us this unsurprising evidence.  We all knew it wasn't Tom's kid.

Bubbles brings us this rare frame from the children's movie, Because of Winn-Dixie.  Evil Kitty was so enraged that her scene was cut that she killed the dog, horribly scarred the girl's face, and caused the Asian Tsunami.

Skinless brings us this look from Evil Kitty's new feature film, Raging Pussy.

Skinless also shows us another method Evil Kitty enjoys to use to eliminate those she finds offensive to her kitty eyes.

Many years ago, Evil Kitty enjoyed a partnership with Shredder but their friendship fell on hard times when Shredder ate Evil Kitty's yogurt out of the fridge.  As JRSly points out to us, the two haven't spoken in years.  Oprah suggested a reunion to Evil Kitty who killed her for her impudence.  Evil Kitty now hosts the Oprah Winfrey show in an Oprah suit.