RailroadHatPat has pointed out this NASA animation showing how Evil Kitty might have arrived on Earth 65 billion years ago and ended the age of the dinosaurs.

lmpresley has shown us this distrubing shot of Evil Kitty practicing the dark arts at her fortress in little China.  Fortunately for lmpresley, he escaped with only minor turning into a frog.

Joined_to_Bash_Vin brings us this look at one of Evil Kitty's war machines in action.  Everyone on the scene - including the cameraman - was killed.  Fortunately for us, Joined_to_Bash_Vin has no problem stealing valuable electronics from the dead.

Agnes Nutter brings us this look at how Evil Kitty intends to revolutionize the horror movie industry.  Her first movie - two hours her her glaring at the camera and growing - was so terrifying that Harry Knowles lost two hundred pounds simply by shitting his pants.

During her invasion of The Hundred Acre Wood, Evil Kitty was surprised by the amount of resistance that the natives met her with.  Her surprise eventually melted away into annoyance and now the tattered remains of Winnie, Tigger, and Roo make her matress soft and comfortable.  This photograph was taken by Bubble who escaped the massacre only because he was stuck in Rabbit's door.