SharkSkinMan has shown us that Evil Kitty has become the new head.  As a result, the name of this robot has been changed to Voltron: Ender of the Universe.

Mooninite told us, "I don't care what the glove said; Kitty was guilty as sin. You know it, and I know it."  This was the last we heard of him. 

Evil Kitty will often play the dead for the possession of their souls as BacardiJim has shown us.  What is generally not known is that Evil Kitty believes that chess and checkers are the same thing.  When anyone objects, they are set ablaze by her disapproving glare.

As a Sith Lord, Evil Kitty enjoys using the force to make traffic lights stay red longer during rush hour.  This picture was sent in by Kaizer who is currently stuck in traffic.

Kaizer also shows us that Evil Kitty believes her reign will be excellent.