As jsrem points out in this tapestry uncovered in the tomb of Vera Unkohmmon, Evil Kitty has been preparing for her role as ruler for centuries by studying the ways of the rulers who came before her.

Agent$mith523 shows us this shocking footage of Evil Kitty having fun on a typical Monday night.

This is a picture of Evil Kitty punishing Europe as submitted by Delta-Cain who lost three members of his family in the incident.

Some call it a game, to Evil Kitty it is practice.  This picture was submitted by bfkiller.  That's him on the far right.

Like all celebrities, Evil Kitty must deal with paparazzi as this picture snapped of her in a state of undress demonstrates.  According to Miscreation, Evil Kitty tracked down the paperazzi and shot them in the kneecaps as she had promised Edward Furlong earlier that day before she killed him that she wouldn't kill anyone.