Unless you want the blissful illusion that is your life completely upended, for the gods sake, do not read this article! 

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This is how hair models flip their hair in commercials.

The horse mask as a frog on the muzzle.

There is a bear hiding on a Toblerone package.

Mountain Dew and Sierra Mist are synonyms.

Prototype brick layer.

Ducks are wearing dog masks.

This is how pineapples grow.

Oprah's real name was supposed to have been Orpah but it was misspelled on her birth certificate.

Matthew Perry is missing a bit of his middle finger.  He lost it when it was slammed in the door as a child.

Cat's paws are little teddy bears.

The Wendy's Girl has "Mom" hidden around her neck.

There is a house hidden in exit signs.

One of David Bowie's eyes is permanently dialated.

Luigi looks like he's wearing a bra on his face.

Baby carrots are just regular carrots shaved down.

The only reaso you exist is because your grandparents had sex... a lot.

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