On September 19th, 1989, a bomb exploded on board UTA Flight 772 as it flew over the deserts of Niger.  The airplane broke up in the air and all 170 people on board died.  In 2007, Les Familles de l’Attentat du DC-10 d’UTA, an association made up of the family members of the victims, returned to the remote burning desert and erected an incredible memorial to their loved ones.

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The crash site in 1989.

The plane's flight path and crash site.

Due to the remoteness of the area, debris still littered the crash site in 2007.

To preserve the sanctity of the crash site, the memorial was erected ten miles away.

Local inhabitants assisted the family in the construction of the memorial.

Mostly hand built, the memorial consists of a 200 foot diameter circle of stones that were trucked to the site from 70 kilometers away.

It took two month to build the memorial from May to June in 2007.

170 broken mirrors line the perimeter of the crash memorial commemorating the lives lost.

The memorial also contains the wing from the airplane.  It was dug up from the sand and transported from the crash site to the memorial site ten miles away.

A plaque containing the names of the victims was affixed to the wing which was then placed vertically off the memorial.

The completed memorial depicts a scale representation of the plane inside a compass, pointing along the plane's flight path home. 

The memorial is so massive, it can clearly be seen on Google Earth at 16°51′53.748″N 11°57′13.362″E.

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