In the late 16th or early 17th century, a huge network of tombs was found in Rome which held the bodies of thousands of supposed Christian martyrs and saints. The skeletons were excavated, cleaned, and sent to various churches all around German-speaking Europe to act as replacements for the thousands of relics lost during the Protestant Reformation.

Often times when these churches would come into possession of of the bones, they would bring in mediums or nuns to communicate with the spirits of the saints to determine what pose they'd like to be displayed in and whether or not they'd like to be bejeweled. Once they were complete, they were put on display and would occasionally be marched around towns to be revered by the residents.

The identifications which determined these bones to be those of saints, done by papal secretaries around the time they were discovered, were dubious to begin with and were later totally invalidated.

As far as anybody knows, every single one of these fabulous skeletons could just be a random Roman person.


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Heavenly Bodies: Deodatus skull relic

Heavenly Bodies: St Friedrich at the Benedictine abbey in Melk

Heavenly Bodies: St Albertus

Heavenly Bodies: St Valentin

Heavenly Bodies: St Benedictus

Heavenly Bodies: St Luciana

Heavenly Bodies: St Getreu in Ursberg

Heavenly Bodies: St Valentinus in Waldsassen

Heavenly Bodies: St Vincentus

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