Some of the strangeness, ugliness and beauty of the world around you in easy to see picture form.

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6’8 Arizona Cardniel offensive tackle, Jared Veldheer, Is why you would die if you tried to play professional American football.

Doctor Dre's letter to his girlfriend (who is now his wife) is the best thing I have read today.

An Ebola patient under quarantine care in Bundibugyo.

Pope Francis eats with the common people.  I'm not religious, like... at all... but I respect this.

Bartosz Huzarski`s legs after 18th stage of the 2014 Tour de France.

This is a fragment from the ‘Murchison Meteorite’ which landed in Victoria, Australia in 1969. It has been dated at nearly 4.95 billion years old – nearly 500 million years older than the age of the Earth.

Chinese doctors bowing down to a 11 year old boy diagnosed with brain cancer who managed to save several lives by donating his organs to the hospital he was being treated in shortly before his death.

Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean) with his Wife and Daughter.

The lobby of the Atlantis Resort in Dubai.

How photographers take pictures of mountain climbers looks even more crazy than what the mountain climbers are doing.

Military drones are big.

The king of Saudi Arabia has a private jet.

The 1964 Ferrari 275 GTB/C Speciale…one of these sold privately last year for over $50M.

Warrent Buffet's home.  Despite the fact that he's worth 39 billion dollars, his home is surprisingly modest.

One of Earth's last uncontacted tribes firing arrows at an aircraft.

A 15 year-old Inca girl who was frozen for 500 years.

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