This set of pictures, taken anywhere between the 1960's and the 1800's, show us the Los Angeles of days gone by, which are a stark contrast to the city today.

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A Drive In in 1958.

Thrifty Drug Store in the 1940's.

Jack in the Box in 1964.

The construction of city hall in 1928.

A rare snowfall in 1948.

A Helms Bakery truck sometime in the 1950's.

Figueroa Tunnel in the 1940's.

The Capitol Records Building in 1968.

Hollywood and Vine in the 1950's.

Christmas on Broadway Street in the 1940's.

3rd and Hill in 1898.

2nd and Hill in the 1950's.

Downtown in the 1950's.

McDonalds in 1962.

May Company in 1958.

Studio City in the 1960's.

Clifton’s Cafeteria 1968

Metro and the Mart 1962

The Long Beach Pike in 1936.

Nabisco Bilboard in 1955.

Manhattan Beach in 1957.

Pacific Sands Housing Development at Huntington Beach in the 1950′s.

The 1962 LA County Fair.

Case study House 22 in 1960.

Cars in line for the Hollywood Bowl in the 1950's.

The 101 in the 1950's.

Sunset Boulevard in 1956.

Wilshire Boulevard in 1954.

Ralph's Supermarket in the 1940's.


The Virginia Dare Winery in 1910.

Yes, that Cucamonga place that Bugs Bunny is always talking about is a real place. 1955.

A streetcar in 1949.

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