If you know anything about this stupid time-destroying website, you know that we're all gigantic fans of history, particularly of the hidden history that never seems to come to light.  Well, strap in tight, kids, because we've got another assortment of rarely seen pictures from days gone by to share with you!

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A very young Bruce Lee spars with Ip Man in 1955.

A bag-piper leads troops out of a trench in World War I.

The Congress of Freaks from Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Baily's Circus in 1922.

This 1838 picture contains what many believe to be the first photograph of a human being.

The Wright Brothers flight at Kitty Hawke in 1908.

Construction of the United States Capitol Dome.

The first Cadillac dealership in New York City.

Al Capone and his son.

The muffin man (yes, there really were muffin men) in London around 1910.

Two women deliver ice in 1918 and do their patriotic duty to staff the work force while men fought in World War I.

Charlie Chaplin waves to a crowd in 1918.
Bonnie and Clyde's car following their gruesome ends in 1934.
Scott's Antarctic expedition in 1910.
The Statue of Liberty's toes in 1895.
Frederick Simms with his "Motor Scout," the first armed, petrol engine powered vehicle ever built in 1899.

A giant wave about to sweep over the decks of the HMCS Bonaventure.  Several planes were washed into the ocean and four destroyer escorts were also damaged.
Zulu pool players in 1903.
Pranksters alter the Hollywood sign in 1971.
Rome in 1842.
Alan Shepard plays golf on the moon, 1971.
Pablo Picasso dressed as Popeye the Sailor in 1957.
Jesse Owens passes the finish line during the 1936 Olympics, an event that Adolf Hitler used as propaganda for his idea of "aryan superiority."
Muscle Beach in 1949.
Testing the bulletproof vest in 1923. What if it didn't work?

The very real and short-lived sport of auto polo in 1915.

Witnesses watch the waters rool in during the grand opening of the Los Angeles Aqueduct on November 4, 1913.
Marilynn Monroe visits sailors during the Korean War.
Howard Huges inside his H-4 Hercules troop transport plane, the “Spruce Goose,” 1947.
French tightrope walker Philippe Petit balancing on a tightrope between the World Trade Centers on August 7, 1974.

PC Norwell Gumbs (Norwell Roberts). Britain's first black policeman. London. 1968.

Policemen on the New York City subway in the 1980's.
Queen Elizabeth leaps from a barge on her visit to Turkey in 1971.
The original "Hollywoodland" sign in 1923.

Gutzon Borglum with the model depicting Mount Rushmore's intended final design. Insufficient funding forced the carving to end in October 1941.

Miners (some who are also minors) going to work in 1890.
An African in 1944 performs a ritual dance dressed as a P-40 Warhawk.

Painting the Eiffel Tower by hand between 1910 and 1920.

Sister ships Titanic and Olympic side by side for the last time in March, 1912.
Walter Yeo, one of the first people to undergo plastic surgury and a skin transplant in 1917.
The hat that Abraham Lincoln was wearing the night he was assassinated.

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