Interesting and odd looks at the world as it was almost a century ago.  From personal looks at famous people to technology you didn't know existed to stuff that will make you wonder how any of us got out of the decade alive!

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Cabaret dancers.

Albert Einstein with a puppet he saw in a show in Germany.  Einstein complained that the puppet wasn't fat enough.

Construction of Hoover Dam.

Max Factor’s Beauty Micrometer, used to measure beauty... with science!

The headquarters of Mussolini’s fascist headquarters in Rome

A coat store.

Driving across the Pudding River.

Filming a scene for a movie about driving for the BBC.

The real life models used for American Gothic.

New York City atop the newly completed Empire State Building.

A baby suspended in a wire cage attached to the outside of a high tenement block window. The cages were distributed to members of the Chelsea Baby Club in London who have no gardens”  Looks totally safe.

Preparing a gift for Hitler.

Disposing of liquor during prohibition.

A vending machine that dispensed cigarettes that were already lit.

Bonnie and Clyde.

An early form of GPS!  The Inter Avto was attached to cars like a speedometer.  The paper on the screen would scroll automatically in proportion to the vehicle's speed.

The construction of Mount Rushmore.

Alfred Hitchcock in Los Angeles.

A young Dutch boy with a pillow tied to his backside to lessen the fear of falling on the ice.



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