Sure, we all know that Robin Williams is the genie, Matthew Brodrick is Simba, and Larry the Cable Guy is that stupid tow truck, but what about the famous Disney roles that haven't been consumed by celebrities?  Have you ever wondered that the voice actors behind those characters look like?


Well, you're going to find out anyway so there!

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King Triton: Kenneth Mars

Winnie the Pooh: Sterling Holloway

Alice in Wonderland: Kathryn Beaumont

Prince Eric: Christopher Daniel Barnes

Cinderella: Ilene Woods

Pocahontas: Irene Bedard

Mickey Mouse (currently): Bret Iwan

Cruella Deville: Betty Lou Gerson

Bambi: Donnie Dunagan

Ariel: Jodi Benson

Jasmine: Linda Larkin

The Beast: Robby Benson

Ursula: Pat Carroll

Sebastian: Samuel E. Wright

Belle: Paige O’Hara

Aladdin: Scott Weinger

Mulan: Ming-Na Wen

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