Do not ignore history or you will be doomed to repeat it!  All right, some of these would be cool to repeat... but others not so much!

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Five whole megs of computer space being loaded onto a jet in 1956.

A newly liberated French citizen happily lights Winston Churchill's cigar in 1944.

The last full-blooded Tasmanian aborigines in the 1860's.

The flooded Nile in 1927.

Anne Frank pokes her head out of her family's flat in Amsterdam in 1942.

Construction of the St. Louis Arch in 1965.

Young Prince Charles is bored at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953.

A pyramid of helmets from captured German soldiers on display in New York in 1918.

The first passengers on the brand new New York subway in 1904.

Barrels of alcohol about to be burned during prohibition in 1927.

A Japanese family return to a vandalized home after confinement in an internment camp in 1945.

Three Princeton students pose in the aftermath of the Freshman - Sophomore snowball fight in 1893.

Tereska, a child in a residence for disturbed children, grew up in a concentration camp. She drew a picture of "home" on the blackboard. Poland, 1948.

Douglas MacArthur signing the formal Japanese surrender in 1945.

Nine kings in Windsor Castle in 1910.

Teenage Kennedys - John, Bobby, and Teddy - in the 1930s.

Hitler inspects the Gustav Railway gun in 1942.

President Lincoln and General George McClellan in the generals tent near Antietam battlefield October 3, 1862.

The "powder monkey" on board the USS New Hampshire in 1864. The powder monkey ran gunpowder from the powder room to the ship's cannons and were usually boys aged 12-14, selected for their height as they could hide behind the ship's gunwale and be protected from enemy fire.

A French member of the resistance smiles as a Nazi firing squad takes aim in 1944.

John F. Kenney and Lyndon B. Johnson during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962.

Jewish refugees run for it as they learn they have just become liberated in 1945.

Police inspect a "lumber truck" during prohibition that smelled of alcohol in 1926.

A Samurai taken between 1860 and 1880.

The wedding of Joseph and Magda Goebbels in 1931 -- Hitler was the best man.

The bombing of Kobe, Japan in 1945.

Japanese archers taken between 1860 and 1900.

The Hungarian Revolution of 1956.

Soviet soldiers take a break and watch a circus show on their march to Berlin in 1945.

Ruby Bridges, first African-American to attend a white elementary school in the South, is escourted to class in 1960.

Louis Armstrong plays for his wife and the Sphinx in 1961.

Neil Armstrong beaming after taking a walk on the moon in 1969.

Mark Twain pays a visit to the lab of Nikolai Tesla in 1894.

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