Floating above our heads is a sophisticated tin can we know as The International Space Station and, from that sophisticated tin can, one is privileged to see some of the most beautiful sights that the Earth has to offer.  While only a handful of people can visit the ISS and see the Earth from above first hand, astronaut Ron Garand shared his unique experience via Twitpic, allowing thousand of people to take the journey with him.

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The Gulf of St. Lawerence.

Mt. Etna smoking on the island of Sicily.

The English Channel


The California Coast

Los Angeles

Sunrise in orbit


The Turks and Caicos Island

The Mississippi Delta

The Hamptons

The Coast of Spain

Ron Garan enjoys the view.

Spacewalk over the Persian Gulf.

Pico de Cristobol Colon

New Zealand

New Orleans

Lightning From Above

Corsicana and Southern France


The Great Lakes

Lake Powell in Arizona and Utah.

Lake Superior

Marsh Fire near New Orleans

Iceberg in the Labrador Sea

The East Coast of the United States.

The Nile Delta

Arizona Wildfire

Approaching unmanned Kelpler supply ship.

Gulf of Cortez

Shooting star from orbit.

Astronaut and Photographer, Ron Garand... we thank you.

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