In 1982, a SoCal science fiction nut named Mike Davis heard a rumor about a production going on in the Buttercup Valley in California.  He and his friends got some camping supplies and, after a ten day expedition, they stumbled upon something amazing... the secret filming location of Return of the Jedi (then called Revenge of the Jedi).  Mike and his friends were allowed to stand at the chain-link fence that surrounded the set and were even allowed to take as many pictures as they wanted (this was in the days before the internet, mind you, and would be unheard of today).  The pictures produced that day are now a precious outsiders look at the making of one of the Star Wars movies.

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After filming had wrapped, Mike and his friends returned to Buttercup Valley and discovered that the Sarlac Pit set was still standing.  They managed to take some pieces of the monster home as souvenirs. 


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