We all know that the praying mantis is the most relentless assassin in the insect kingdom and we've seen these monsters eat spiders, scorpions, and even mice but now we're starting to receive pictures of these miniature executioners with hummingbird prizes snatched from the very air the tiny birds thought they were safe in.

According to witnesses, the mantis impales the bird through the chest with its forearm and then hangs upside down feasting on the hummer's flesh until it has its fill.  Then, with a few flicks of its primary weapon, the bird's lifeless carcass falls to the ground about the same time that the poor hummingbird's spirit is exiled from birdie afterlife for getting eaten by the thing that birds should be eating.

This of course means that the mantises are moving up in the world.  I can only surmise that small dogs and children are next.

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You're next, motherfucker!


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