Meet Caplin Rous, a large, domesticated rodent known as a capybara. "He's very needy but I love him to death," says owner Melanie Typaldos, who adopted the pet from a breeder two and a half years ago when he was just 11 days old. "He loves to lick my face and forehead and just follow me around everywhere."

The 100-lb. capybara munches on grass most of the day (the creatures are herbivores) to maintain his figure. Thankfully, Typaldos and her husband live in rural Texas, where they're surrounded by clean grass.

Caplin dwarfs guinea pig Neptune, who belongs to Typaldos's daughter, Coral. Capybaras can grow up to 4 ft. in length basically the size of a child!

Typaldos often takes Caplin to schools to teach children about wildlife. "People hear the word rodent and they think it's some kind of a dirty word," she says. "But many of them are very smart, clean, loving animals."


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