Doctors in Saudi Arabia were shocked when an examination of a one year-old baby revealed the impossible - the baby was pregnant.  An x-ray confirmed a tiny body inside of the baby and, after a whirlwind session of tests and research, they concluded that they had happened upon one of the strangest and rarest human anomalies.

Called fetus in fetu, there have only been 51 confirmed cases in human history.  The baby's mother was originally pregnant with twins, but through some unknown reason, one fetus literally absorbed the other.  The absorbed fetus survives (if you want to call it that) as a parasitic lump of tissue in the surviving twin.  The absorbed fetus is actually little more than tissue that has not died and is no more of a lifeform than a tumor.

As of this writing, doctors are currently consulting to try and find a way to separate the parasitic twin from its surviving sibling.


In June, 1999, the case of Sanju Bhagat from India attracted attention. He had unknowingly carried his parasitic "twin" inside his body for 36 years.

Doctors were certain that the man had a gigantic tumor in his belly. However, they found fragments of human genitalia, hairs, limbs and jaws in the patient and finally removed a underdeveloped fetus that had legs and arms with long fingernails.

In 2002, Indian doctors found a six-month-old boy to have a fetus inside. The dead fetus, which surgeons removed from the boy, weighed one kilo, whereas the boy himself weighed 6.5 kilos.


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