James May, the presenter of the BBC's Top Gear, has an amazing deal for you: a two story house free of charge. That's right, he's giving it away for nothing! Of course, you're probably wondering what the catch is in this case and it's a bog one: May's house is made completely out of over three million legos.

Oh, and you'll have to move it.

May built the house in a vineyard under the assumption that Legoland was going to create a park in Windsor, Berkshire. Legoland, unfortunately, decided that moving there would be too expensive and seemed upset that may built the twenty foot tall structure without their help or input. Now the vineyard wants its land back and, if no one claims the house, it will be destroyed.

It seems like a good deal to me. It's got a working lego toilet, a working lego sink, and you can even get clean in the lego shower - featuring hot water. The beds are a bit uncomfortable, I would imagine.

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