Chilling Tales #9: “Mandy”

The Quesnel Museum in British Columbia, Canada, is an easy to miss roadside attraction, but if you do happen to take the time and visit, you will come face to face with what many believe to be a haunted doll named Mandy.

Mandy is an antique porcelain doll believed to have been made in Germany or England around 1910 or 1920.

Her previous owner, who donated her to Brittish Columbia’s Quesnel museum in 1991, told the staff there that Mandy was a haunted object.   She told them of times that she would hear crying coming from her basement where Mandy was stored and how, on the times she was brave enough to investigate, she would find only an open window as if something had either gone out… or come in.

After the doll was donated to the museum, the crying stopped, but, as museum workers would attest to, Mandy was anything but silent.

Staff lunches would mysteriously disappear from the refrigerator and be found tucked away in a drawer. Objects such as pens, books and pictures would go missing, though some would turn up later. Others were never found.

At night, the sounds of tiny footsteps were heard in the museum when no one else was in the building.   The staff has said that Mandy will tap on the glass of her display case and, often, she will be found with her tiny ceramic hand on the glass.

Rumors stated that Mandy couldn’t be placed with any other dolls, as she would harm them out of jealousy.  She couldn’t be kept by herself either, because she would throw papers around as if she were a child throwing a tantrum.   Usually, when Mandy is particularly active, the staff will take her out of her case and sit her in the office with them.  The doll seems to like the attention.

Mandy was given a little lamb toy so she wouldn’t be loney and it seemed to please the doll.  Once, after the museum had been closed for several days, the lamb was found in the middle of the floor as if it had been dropped.  No one else had been in the building.

Visitors have claimed to feel uneasy or sad around her. Some say she can move on her own, being able to move her fingers and head as well as blink and have her eyes follow people around the room.  Often, cameras will jam or lose power when visitors try to take pictures of her.

Despite all of this, the staff maintains that Mandy has never done anything evil and has never hurt anyone.  Paranormal investigators claim that Mandy houses the spirit of a little girl who died with the doll in her arms.

No one really knows if that story is true, but Mandy continues to be a draw for tourists hoping to see the little doll do something incredible and, if the legends are true and Mandy is haunted by the ghost of a little girl, the staff of the Qusnel Museum go above and beyond to give Mandy, and the little girl spirit, a safe and happy home.

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