Bojack Horseman: “Out to Sea”

Season 2, Episode 12

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Here we are at the end of the season.  Bojack, despite his quest to be a better person and be happy, is more miserable than he has been in a long time.  Having returned to Hollywoo following his supreme fuck up in the last episode, he discovers Diane is still camped out at his place, Todd has gone off to serve on the improv cult cruise like, The Giggleship (which has nothing to do with Scientology because Scientology is not a cult), and – perhaps most humbling of all – his disappearance over the last two months has actually made some things better.

cecilFor example, Princess Caroline is on the verge of starting a new agency with Rutabaga, the Secretariat movie used a CGI Bojack to finish the movie the the result is a movie that might just be an awards contender, and an orphanage has actually even been opened in Bojack’s name with his Horsin’ Around residuals.

The question is, with both good and bad things happening in his life, can Bojack ever balance the two and be happy or, as his mother suggested at the beginning of the season, is unhappiness simply his birthright?

There’s not a lot of resolution in “Out to Sea” and, to be honest, there really shouldn’t be that much.  “Out to Sea” wisely opts to wrap up a few lingering plot lines satisfactorily, but there is a lot still in the air and, for a show about depression, it’s perfectly acceptable for them to be.

As a finale, this episode hit all the marks.  There was nothing as crushingly sad the series’ saddest moments… in fact, there are more than a few quiet victories for the characters as some were left in slightly better places than we found them.  If I didn’t already know that there was a 3rd season on the way, I would have thought that this was a series finale just where it leaves all the characters.

In the end, Bojack is back to doing what Bojack does – trying hard to not be so unhappy.  He’s left with sage words and hope and I guess time will tell what he does with them.

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