Bojack Horseman: “Let’s Find Out!”

Season 2, Episode 8

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It’s the premiere night of Mr. Peanutbutter’s game show and his very first contestant is BoJack who is quite surprised when the usually easygoing and friendly Mr. Peanutbutter takes the opportunity to humiliate him live on the air.

animal-tags-003-07312015I am getting awfully fed up with the wacky Todd stories that bear no relevance or weight to the rest of the story.  Even when they do and even when they’re funny and inventive, like last episode when he and the Prince of Cordovia switched places off camera, it’s still Todd so you almost instantaneously forget it after its done.

In this episode, however, the Todd plot is superfluous time filler and so completely unfunny that is serves only as a black eye to a genuinely funny story that they’re telling otherwise.  The Todd segments felt like someone slammed on the brake and brought the entire episode to a screeching useless halt.  The one moment at the end when Todd laments about his own uselessness looks like it’s going to give the story some meaning, but then they crack an easy joke and negate any potential it had.

I hate to say this, but I’m getting almost more fed up with Todd than BoJack is.

The BoJack and Mr. Peanutbutter segments – the real plot of the story – were handled very nicely and continues the welcome trend of turning Mr. Peanutbutter into an honest to goodness character rather than a recurring joke.  To see someone so nice and so easy-going finally break down and say, “I’ve never been anything but nice to you and you’ve treated me like shit and now I demand to know why!” was refreshing to watch and it was handled in a very funny way.  The fact that it culminated at BoJack being at his most heartfelt and honest was very rewarding.

That and Mr. Peanutbutter’s game show was positively hilarious to watch.  The random screams, the gaudy set, and the hilarious cameo by Daniel Radcliffe who, if he saw his cartoon avatar before recording the voice track, is one of the coolest people ever because that was ugly as fuck.

Everything about the game show plot worked brilliantly while the Todd plot crashed and burned pathetically.  It was great to see Mr. Peanutbutter graduate from joke to character, but I fear that if they don’t do the same thing with Todd soon I’m going to end up just skipping through his scenes.  I’m sure the episodes will be completely unchanged as a result.

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  • O Ricker

    I really have to disagree, conditionally; if Mia becomes a recurring character, I would love to see the kind of ship that develops between her and Todd. Otherwise it was a waste of time and a waste of a good character.