Bojack Horseman: “Hank After Dark”

Season 2, Episode 7

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With the Secretariat movie on hiatus, BoJack and Diane go on a book tour and, while BoJack promises to be on his best behavior, it’s Diane who accidentally stirs up the controversy when she mentions harmful allegations that have been made against a beloved comedian, Hank Hippopopolous.  Now, armed with feminist fury, Diane seeks to bring down the beloved icon against a rising sea of fan anger.  Meanwhile, Mr. Peanutbutter gets his big break and a new TV show.

fWhy do we tolerate it when beloved celebrities do terrible things?  We’re posed this question when Diane takes Bill Cosby Hank Hippopopolous and, rather than being a hero, becomes the victim of hate and death threats.

“Hank After Dark” is probably the highlight of the season so far.  It’s weird when a cartoon is more topical than its live action counterparts… almost as if Hannibal Burgess is sitting in the writing room.   It’s not really that the episode spends its entire run ripping on Bill Cosby Hank Hippopopolous, but it’s that it goes from being a one-sided righteous quest for justice into a shades of gray that upends and challenges the very premise of the episode.

The linking between the A plot and the B plot was brilliant in that they both come together in the end and not only put a question mark on the sentence constructed by “Hank After Dark,” but also takes Mr. Peanutbutter and transforms him from a whipped one-joke wonder into a complex and quietly angry partner to Diane.

Is Bill Cosby Hank Hippopopolous a bad person?  Undoubtedly he is and “Hank After Dark” never wavers in that, but in asking the question of why we allow celebrities to do bad things and get away with them, the episode answers with pragmatism and ugliness that, while unpleasant to hear, isn’t wrong.  The episode ends almost painting Diane as the bad guy… like she’s just another victim of Bill Cosby’s Hank Hippopopolous’ alleged acts.

That’s powerful stuff there… basically making the accuser the bad guy but, you know what?  Shit like that happens every goddamn day in this world.

But that’s BoJack Horseman for you… there’s hardly ever a happy ending.

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