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  • Sheila Stamey

    I am certain that I owned every single one of these. I used to custom build the 486dx2, for a small fortune. I owned my own custom computer shops, back in the day. I am currently 50 years old. I can even tell you the secret to 486 SX and DX. As the first 486 chips tended to EXPLODE, because of rush to market overheating issues, industry manufacturers overclocked stable 386 processor chips, called them 486SX and got away with it. Then when the problem was sort of resolved, the”new” 486 chip that only OCCASIONALLY exploded was termed a 486DX. Done away with about a year later by the first Pentiums. I also was once informed at COMDEX (look it up) once, by a talking head type sales chick, that we would never have any thing faster than a 16ms access time hard drive because it “defied the laws of physics.” heavy, heavy, heavy sigh. Btw, the brick phone had its own security built in. Darn thing was so heavy, all you had to do was hit a mugger with it and knock him out.

    • Sheila Stamey

      Oh, and the “CD Sound In Your Car” deal, was a weird cassette player adapter thing that ran the portable CD player through the cassette player. Owned that too. Had to listen to my Meatloaf somehow, dude.