Bad Company

Remember that old wife’s tale about company and fish where they both go bad after three days?  Well, Bad Company goes bad long before that.  Try ten minutes and this cinematic turd will be stinking up your cineplex too with the putrid smell of Joel Schumacher and Jerry Bruckheimer both bungling this movie making it so familiar and formulaic that you can tell what’s coming next around every predictable corner.

The story is this:  Chris Rock plays twin brothers.  One is a street bum ticket scalper and hustler while the other is an undercover CIA agent in Prague.  I’ll leave you to wonder why a black guy is going undercover in Prague because it sure as hell didn’t make any sense to me.

Anyway, the agent brother is killed in the middle of trying to buy a nuclear bomb off the market and so, it falls on the CIA and Anthony Hopkins to civilize the bum brother to take his twin’s place.  Enter the uptight white guy trying to school a street smart black guy story, hold the excitement, with extra cheese.

How can a movie about a nuclear bomb in a suitcase being toted around New York City be made so mind-numbingly boring!?  Bad Company has no suspense, zero ambition, little originality.  That and its two stars, Anthony Hopkins and Chris Rock phone in the worst performances of their careers.

There is a little bit of comedy in this movie sprinkled around and suspiciously looking like they were lifted out of one of Rock’s own routines, but this attempt to copy the steam left over from the Rush Hour movies is near complete and total waste of time.  Everything is pedestrian, recycled, redundant, and the whole movie just screams out a whole lot of stupid.  The action sequences are wholly forgettable thanks to lazy and confusing direction by Schumacher who still must think he’s the best thing since sliced bread.

Well, here’s a clue for you Joel… You’re every bit as stale as this movie.

For goodness sake, people, stay away and save yourself the boredom!

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