Awesome Uses for WD-40 You Never Knew

It is said that God created the Earth and, when he was done, he was so happy he cried magical tears.  We now know those tears as WD-40.

If some dick spray paints your car, spray the offending marks with some WD-40 and wipe it off.  It will take some work, but it will be cheaper than taking it to a professional.

Did you step in dog shit?  We all hate that, but if you spray your shoe with some WD-40 and clean it with an old toothbrush, that shit will come right off.

Shoveling snow?  Spray your snow shovel with WD-40 and the snow will slide right off rather than stick to it.

Did you get some gum in your hair?  You idiot!  Spray it with some WD-40 and it will be much easier to brush out.

Spraying WD-40 in the nooks and crannies outside your house where evil wasps and hornets like to build nests will keep these demon spawn away.

Coat your snow shoes with WD-40 and make them water-resistant!

Use some WD-40 to get stuck rings off your fingers.

Do you hate those goddamn stickers that are on the products you buy that just won’t come off?  Spray them with WD-40 and get rid of them easily!

WD-40 makes crayons and markers its bitch.  Clean that off your walls with ease!

WD-40 makes pain scuffs go crying to its whore mommy.

WD-40 will straight up fucking murder coffee stains.

Did you get some super glue on your fingers?  WD-40 will make it go away.

Did you stain your little pansy ass carpet?  Spray on some WD-40, wait 60 seconds, and then clean it with regular floor cleaner.

Spray your grill with WD-40 and scrub with a wire brush and that shit will be clean, yo.

WD-40 is the shit!



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