Articles by Jason Donner


Bad Ass

When a couple in Montana suddenly found a large mountain lion trying to attack their dogs, they were saved by the most unlikely of heroes… their mule. Luckily they had a camera on hand to capture this unbelievable confrontation as one of North America’s most deadly predators met its match at the hands… er, hoofs of a jackass.


Transparent Frog

Japanese scientists have helped breed a transparent frog into existence using a rare mutation that makes the skin of Japanese Brown Frog become pale and see-through. Now, the organs of these creatures can be observed from the tadpole stage to the adult stage with every bit and piece inside the animal working in proper order.


Rock Balancing

In what must be an incredible show of patience and preciseness, there are people in this weird world we all share that make a practice of balancing seemingly implacable rocks on top of each other. The result is surreal and quiet beautiful… if for nothing more than its apparent impossibility.