Articles by Jason Donner

Awesome Mysteries

Rock Frogs

This mummified corpse of a frog was found in a hollow flint ‘geode’ which was cracked open in 1899 by workmen in a quarry in England. There have been many reports of frogs found inside rocks; some still living in a kind of stupor but which revived once exposed to the air.

Awesome Mysteries

Strange Rains

Everyone knows the story of Chicken Little who, when struck by a falling acorn jumped to the conclusion that the sky was falling and caused a huge panic, but what isn’t generally known is that strange things have fallen from the sky before… and we’re not talking acorns this time.

Awesome Mysteries

The Taos Hum

Taos is a sleepy town in New Mexico that, in the winter serves as a skiing community. However, there is another reason that Toas is famous and it’s a reason that has been documented but never explained.

Awesome Mysteries

The Marfa Lights

Unexplained mysteries and the paranormal are a hobby of mine. I enjoy hearing about it and I enjoy writing about it, but like most people I never really experienced it first hand… until I went to Marfa, Texas that is.

Awesome Mysteries

The Moving Rocks of Racetrack Playa

Racetrack Playa, nestled between the Cottonwood Mountains to the east and the Last Chance Range to the West, is a seasonally dry lake in the northern part of the Panamint Mountains in Death Valley National Park, California, U.S.A. and it is famous for rocks that mysteriously move across its surface.