Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me

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I’ve got to admit it. When I was first introduced to Austin Powers three years ago, I wasn’t exactly crazy about the guy. To me, the movie was a one-joke flick that drove it’s one joke into the ground. It was just a fish out of water movie that I didn’t enjoy very much.

facts_about_lifeOn the other hand, I found Austin’s nemesis, Doctor Evil, to be a lot more entertaining than Austin Powers ever had a chance to be and, in the three years I first saw Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, it’s become the highlight of my DVD collection thanks to the evil chrome dome with a pinkie fetish.

What does it mean when the enemy and his diminutive clone have more personality in their pinkie fingers than the hero has in his whole body?

I liked Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me. This movie makes up for the last one in the most important and crucial element…. more Doctor Evil! Austin’s still the same old boring sod of a guy running around making the movie slow down every time he shows his mug on the screen, but the Doctor Evil scenes are all hilarious and keep the movie interesting.

It goes like this: Doctor Evil has invented a time machine and travels back to the sixties to steal Austin’s mojo while he’s frozen. The now mojo-less Powers has to stop him from blowing up Washington DC with a (makes quotation marks with fingers) laser on the moon.

A new player in the Austin Powers cast is a clone of Dr. Evil named, “Mini Me”. As Scott Evil says, he’s a vicious Chihuahua who Dr. Evil treats like a spoiled pet. He’s mean, he’s nasty, and he can fit into most overhead compartments. The guy is hilarious! In these politically correct days, we can’t make fun of fat people or midgets because if we did, the sky would fall and the stock market would crash. Thankfully, Hollywood’s bucking this trend and we’re all cleared to laugh at others misfortunes once more.

Another new character is the vile “Fat Bastard” played by Mike Myers who also plays Austin (snore) and Dr. Evil. This guy’s gross but funny, though I could have really gone without his quasi-nude scene with Heather Gramm.

That’s right, Heather Gramm’s in this movie too playing a grown-up version of Boogie Night’s Roller Girl. She’s hot, she’s horny…. she’s useless!!! I mean, other than being the love interest, she serves no purpose whatsoever besides being nap-inducing Austin Power’s shageriffic sweetie.

Pushed to the side is one of my favs from the first movie, Scott Evil. I liked the idea of Dr. Evil having an angst ridden slacker son and Seth Green was perfect for the role. In the sequel, he plays a mostly second fiddle role to Mini Me though he does appear in a hilarious bit involving the Jerry Springer Show.

Frau Farbissina is back as well and she’s funnier than ever even though her character is really nothing more than a copy of Frau Blücher from Young Frankinstien.

Most of the jokes in Austin Powers 2 are retreads of the jokes in the first movie and a lot of them are pretty weak. Ivana Humpalot and Robin Swallows are cute, but they just don’t have the sting as Alotta Fagina. Still, there is a laugh-till-you-cry moment with a montage of scenes involving what Dr. Evil’s rocket looks like that has to be seen to be believed!

Bottom line, as I said, the movie succeeds because it devotes less time to the one-joke-wonder, Austin Powers, and more to the comedic powerhouse of Dr. Evil, Mini Me, Fat Bastard, and Scott Evil. Mike, if you’re out there reading this (and I know you’re a devotee to this page), please, please, please… just kill Austin Powers and give Dr. Evil his own movies or at least a bigger part! I mean, come on! Austin’s been a lame dog since day one… Dr. Evil’s funny without even trying hard!

Oh, and the hidden nudity scenes? We only got one in this movie and it was lame!!! Austin Powers walking around naked for no reason? Give us a break! Mike, work on it for next time!

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