Austin Powers in Goldmember

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Back for a third time around, Austin Powers is ready to mix it up again with his arch nemesis, Doctor Evil and his band of no-goodnicks in Austin Powers in Goldmember.  Yeah, the laughs are there but the shtick has gotten a bit stale and the ending… eugh, horrendous!  Still, Mike Meyers saves most of the movie from an otherwise schizophrenic screenplay with his wild band of outrageous characters.

sc-fan-shirtThe story is simple and, in some cases, non-existent.  Basically, Doctor Evil and his new henchmen, Goldmember, kidnap Austin Power’s father, Nigel Powers, in an attempt to bring down an asteroid with a tractor beam to melt the global icecaps.  To save his dad, Austin goes back to 1975 and brings back Foxy Cleopatra to help him.

There’s tons of funny stuff in this movie and most of the mythology is turned on its ear which in some cases is a good thing, but in some cases, a very bad thing.  The old favorites are back, Scott Evil, Fat Bastard, Mini Me, Basil Exposition, Frau Farbissina, and Number Two.  The new additions are a mixed bag, though.  First, we have the title character, Goldmember.  Most of the time, this guy is just bizarre and not funny but the other new addition, Number Three (played by Fred Savage) is a hoot.  He’s funny and he doesn’t even have to try!

The biggest problem with this movie is just all the unnecessary special moments between Austin and his dad.  I mean, come on… this is a balls to the wall comedy and not a John Hughes emotional crap fest!

Also, the ending of the movie is horrible.  I mean it, folks, it stinks.  I’m not going to give it away since I know it’s supposed to be the “big secret” of the movie, but it’s a mess.

In the plus column, though, this movie has a hell of an opening sequence.  In fact, the opening of this movie alone is worth the price of admission.  Star cameos, chic in-jokes, and even a possible nod and wink to the Legion of Lame Asses stories are included in the movie and are well enough to keep Austin fans entertained and rolling.

Compared to the other movies, this one is a little lukewarm but its a still a winner.  I just hope that when and if Austin Powers IV comes out, Mike Myers will have the good sense to fix what the ending of Goldmember screwed up.

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