Arrow: “The Candidate”

A close friend of the Queen family announces her candidacy for mayor which might as well be a suicide note on this show, so Ollie and his merry men have to protect her from a Damion Dahrk goon who goes rouge and kidnaps her daughter.

Pull my finger!

I’m sorry, but I’m so over Felicity right now.  I was excited to see her take on a new role as a boss of a billion dollar company and actually bring some life to this boring and tepid character, but the more the episode progressed the more and more I realized that I already knew what was going to happen the moment that the Palmer Industry board told her she had to fire some people.  It was never in doubt… I knew what was going to happen.  The entire story with Felicity was a gigantic waste of time.

I honestly think I’m starting to hate her and I kind of want her in that mystery grave.  I can’t think of anywhere surprising she can go from here.  They shook her up and she’s still boring.

I’m not too thrilled with this new take on Anarky either.  I know that Arrow plays fast and loose with its comic book origins at times, but this is just… not Anarky.  At worse, you can call Anarky a well-intentioned anti-hero and that is not what I would call this guy.  Seems like to me they just pulled the name out of a comic so they could have something to name-drop, but given that we have only met Lonnie and not Anarky himself, I’ll reserve judgement for now.

But I am not happy.

I think I’m also fed up with the Thea bullshit.  I mean, haven’t we already pretty much had this story done already with Roy and the Mirakuru?  I just feel we’re re-treading ground we’ve already seen.

While it sounds like I didn’t enjoy a lot of what this second episode of Arrow offered, I assure you that is totally the case.  It’s even more painful to watch Arrow rely on it’s own tropes and formulas given how strong the opening episode was last week.

This humdrum episode was just dull as hell and seemed to hit all the wrong notes.

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