Arrow: “Green Arrow”

Season 4, Episode 1

Airdate:  October 7, 2015

So, after three seasons of dicking around, Arrow has finally stepped up and dubbed Ollie “Green Arrow.”  I remember back when the show first started, they didn’t want to call him “Green Arrow” because they were all about realism and being gritty and openly said that they didn’t think the fans would accept Ollie if he was called “Green Arrow” because it was too comic booky… and then The Flash came along and was all like, “Fuck you, here’s a goddamn talking telepathic gorilla!”

5-bigger-pic1After that, I think it was easier to make that leap.

If this was a comic book, I imagine that this issue would have the words “All New!  All different!” plastered on its front cover and, after four seasons of gloom and brooding, it’s a welcome change.  This season, the Arrow – excuse me, Green Arrow (fanboy squeals) – will be all about hope.  Ollie isn’t dressing up like an S&M Robin Hood because he has to, he’s doing it because he wants to… because he misses it and he wants to be a beacon of hope for the citizens of Starling City – excuse me, Star City (more fanboy squealing).

Up against him is Damon Daark, a man intent on bringing the city to its knees for his own nefarious schemes… also, he can kill you with just touching you because he’s magic.  Not scientific… goddamn magic.  An honest to goodness super villain, folks!

It’s just so wonderful to see a series that has spent four years distancing itself from and then teasing around with its comic book source material, to finally embrace it not only with a colorful and happy hero, but also with a badass super villain.

I am always more interested in the eager hero than the reluctant one because the reluctant hero has been done to death since Batman ’89.  The eager heroes, the ones who embrace their role and enjoy it… they’re so much more fun to watch and Arrow has always been a strong show, I get the feeling that this All New and All Different Arrow can only improve on what it’s already built.

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