You know, someone told me that this movie was made by 20th Century Fox and not Disney. Sh-yeah! Right! Whoever heard of such a thing! A non-Disney studio making a cartoon? Not in a million years…. dream on pals. Of all of the stupid, idiotic things to… Say… wait a minute…. Anastasia was made by 20th Century Fox. Well… I’ll be darned. Hmmm…. Oh well…

0Yes, folks… here it is. The latest attempt by Hollywood to ignore DNA testing. Anastasia is, of course, about the lost daughter of the slain Russian Tzar (they don’t get slain on screen) who goes to Paris and becomes a werewolf…. no wait, that was An American Werewolf in Paris… sorry. In this movie, Anastasia (called “Anya”) is joined by con men, Dimitri (nice generic Russian name…. don’t you agree?) and Vlad (not “the impaler”) and cute little doggie Pooka on a cross continent journey to Paris to seek out Anya’s grandmother, Mrs. Potts.

However, all is not well in the land of Bluthe, for on their heals in the evil and dead and decaying Rasputin and his bat, Bartok, who will stop at nothing to kill her.

Well, what can I say? Great animation! It’s (and I hate to say this) up to Disney’s usual standards and even surpasses them frequently. Unlike Disney movies, the character talk casually and don’t give a rip about who is the fairest of all or the circle of life. Anastasia falls flat on plot and gets very very very boring when the characters break out into song. (I can’t get that friggin’ “There’s a Rumor in St. Petersburg” song out of my head. Damn you Anastasia! Damn you!). However, the excellent animation is worth a look.

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