An Inconvenient Truth


There is nothing in Washington that isn’t partisan.  There could be an asteroid the size of Texas hurtling towards the planet and the Democrats and the Republicans would still argue about it on the Senate floor.  To be honest, it makes me sick… especially when the threat to the planet is here already.  Saving the planet is not a partisan issue, it is… as Al Gore says… a moral issue.

0Of course, if you find a shred of mortality in Washington these days, I’ll show you Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction.

An Inconvenient Truth movie stars former Vice President Gore and is about something near and dear to his heart – something that should be near and dear to everyone’s heart as well – global warming.

If you’ve gone outside in the last five years, you know it’s true and isn’t the figment of some tree-hugging hippy’s imagination.  This is real, people, and Al Gore is trying to drive the point home that this is a credible threat to humanity and the planet.

Watching this movie, even if a lot of it does represent severe worst-case scenarios, is sobering and terrifying.  The fact that the wastefulness and shortsightedness of our leaders is dooming our children to one of the most horrible humanitarian disasters in all of history is probably one of the more scary things I’ve ever seen.

As host of this movie, Al Gore is charismatic, funny, and likable.  He isn’t a doomsayer or an alarmist, but rather presents scientific data, charts, and animations that drive the point home that we’re in trouble and there’s little time to waste trying to fix it.

And that is what I like most about this movie is that isn’t not all doom and disaster… the point of An Inconvenient Truth is that there is something we can do and we can actually reverse what’s being done to our planet, but only if those in power can let go of greed, agendas, and ignorance.

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