American Pie

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If you’re a guy, most likely you weren’t thinking with your brain during those years in high school when you were ruled primarily by your hormones and all you could think of was getting laid. I know I was.

0Well, I’m a little older and wiser… okay, older at least… so I can reminisce about those turbulent years when “Mr. Happy” basically told me what to do twenty-four/seven, and I can appreciate the simple genius behind the outrageously sick, but hilariously funny American Pie… the quest to get a piece… uh… of the pie… so to speak.

Following in the same comic road as Porky’s and other teenage sex comedies, American Pie follows four friends who make a secret pact to loose their virginity before graduation. Of course, this being a comedy, all sorts of hilarious predicaments follow – my pick as my favorite is a strip tease on the internet – that basically humiliate them and makes the audience roll in the aisle.

Political correctness? It ain’t no where to be seen in this flick and I didn’t miss it. There’s sick gags about drinking bodily discharges, lots of basic potty humor, and frank talk about teen sex that seems to capture (and infinity embellish, of course) the turbulent high school sex-crazy years.

Aside from being shamelessly funny, American Pie also has some great writing, character growth, and an honest-to-god message that sex isn’t the most important thing in life.

Why didn’t this movie come out when I was in high school!? I could have really used that information!

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