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It’s been a year since the warm apple pie goodness of American Pie and now, after completing their freshman year in college, Jim, Finch, Oz, and Stifler are back home and itching to jump into the dating pool in American Pie 2.

0I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  2001 has been an ultra sucky year.   I’m not kidding folks, aside from a very few isolated movies this year, it’s been nothing but a great big ball of suck and the sequels have been the worst.  From The Mummy Returns to Rush Hour 2, the follow ups have been downers with the only exception being Doctor Dolittle 2 and now -thank God – American Pie 2 which manages to savor the original’s charm and compassion, while still making us laugh at piss and dick jokes.

They call American Pie the Porkys of our generation, but let’s be serious… Porkys makes American Pie look Barney’s Magical Picnic.  Not a bad thing because, let’s face it, in this day of the moral majority, happy Jack and the MPAA, and big bad Dubya, there’d be no way in hell another Porkys could get made.

The movie is a little less funny than the first movie as there are some pretty lengthy stretches of somber, quiet, and quite boring reflection done by some of the characters, but the movie’s funniest moments like “Stifler’s shower” and “Superglue” more than make up for some of the dips in the pacing.  I don’t want to give anything away and, thank god, the previews for this movie have spoiled very very little of the actual jokes.   See it now before that changes!

The cast is all back from the main characters to even the MILF guys (if you don’t know what that means, shame on you).  Seann William Scott once again steals every scene he’s in and Jason Biggs once again makes us feel sorry for the sexually retarded Jim.  Nadia’s back also, but for some reason she’s not as hot as she was in the first movie… I guess appearing in a piece of shit like Tomcats will do that to you.

Well, the sequel’s full of laughs and a lot of heart.  Fans of the original should dig this flick.

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