Alien Resurrection

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Well, let’s just say that I know firmly believe that the Alien movies should be officially put to bed and never touched again.

In the forth of the series, Alien Resurrection, Ripley the Vampire Slayer is cloned by the military two-hundred years after her death in Alien³ along with the nasty little alien that was gestating inside of her. While the new Ripley, who now has heightened instincts and abilities thanks to the alien, grapples with who she is, a pirate ship docks with the military ship carrying Winona Ryder and Ron Pearlman (Vincent of TV’s Beauty and the Beast) and a few other uninteresting bad guys and, as the captive aliens breed and escape, all sorts of riots and mayhem take place.

Alien Resurrection was not scary, and was only slightly entertaining. It seems the creators have forgotten that a few scares in a movie is more effective than a scare every five minutes. Also, the creators have forgotten that showing the alien outright is not as effective as only showing bits and pieces as in the highly entertaining Alien and Aliens.

The best and, (believe it or not), the scariest element of Alien Resurrection was Sigourney Weaver’s portrayal of an alienesque Ripley who doesn’t give a rip about humanity anymore. A commendable performance in an otherwise bland movie.

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