Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: “Purpose in the Machine”

Fitz is going to recuse Simmons from the rock’s belly and damn anyone who gets in his way and so, everyone decides to help.  Meanwhile, May hangs out with her dad and Ward latches onto the son of the most anticlimactic villain in the Marvel Universe, Baron Strucker who, after being built up in Captain America: Winter Soldier was promptly killed in Age of Ultron off camera.  Together, son of Strucker and Ward are off to built a stronger and better Hydra.

cecilI don’t envy Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. one bit.  The fans complain if the story moves too slow and, if the story is sped up… I start complaining. I mean, sure… the draggy stories of season one were lame and all, but I can’t believe that Simmons got rescued this quickly.  I would have figured one or two more episodes at least and it makes me wonder what the hell the writers have planned for this little story.  I can’t believe it’s over that quickly.

But what about Fitz, huh?  The dude may have lost part of his brain a season ago, but he apparently grew it back as balls.  Two episodes and we already have two standout Fitz scenes of him being a complete wreckless badass.  If Simmons doesn’t place his head directly between her breasts for this one, she’s got to be a Skrull.

Shit… she might be a Skrull.

I’m also unsure what purpose the Asgardian guy played other than pointing and saying, “Go that way!”  His presence, to me, seemed like Thor name-dropping and nothing mroe.

While it’s always nice to see May, Ward’s scenes stole the show, only driving home what a cold and calculating bastard he is.  His parts of the episode were a whole lot of fun and I can’t wait to see just how bastardly he becomes.

Good episode, but it was rushed and dripped with strange superfluousness.  If Ward’s going to build a meaner and leaner Hydra, the show should follow suit.

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