A.I.: Artificial Intelligence

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This is this site’s 500th review. I knew that the 500th review was coming up and I wanted to be a movie that at least looked half-ass decent. None of that Laura Croft or Mummy crap, I wanted a movie that was going to have some meat to it or at least a movie that looked like it was going to have some meat on it.

Well, it’s little wonder why I chose A.I.: Artificial Intelligence over Pootie Tang and Baby Boy. For one thing, Haley Joel Osmet is in it and I think this kid is awesome. It’s directed by Steven Spielberg who, despite a few slip ups over the last few years, is still one of Hollywood’s best directors. Finally, it was nurtured by movie master Stanley Kubrik before that bastard we all know as death laid claim to him.

Simply put, A.I. is a movie that grabs you at the beginning and holds your attention to the end with it’s high-tech re-telling of Pinocchio and theme: To be truly alive, you must be loved. This is one of those life-affirming movies that just makes you feel good.

Osmet’s great. Damn, this kid is awesome. The entire weight of the movie is hefted on his little shoulders and he carries it like a seasoned professional. I would love to see what this guy’s going to be doing in a few years. When you watching this movie, check out the kid’s eyes… he never blinks! Ever! It’s creepy, but it really adds to the illusion that he’s a robot.

A.I. definitely feels more like a Kubrick movie than a Speilburg movie, even if you can feel Speilburg’s goody-goody touch on things. For example, during the movie’s opening sequence, William Hurt orders a female robot to undress, but tells her to stop before she takes off her top. If Kubrick had directed, we would have seen some titty.

Still, I’ve got to give credit where credit is due. Spielberg is a damn genius. The ad campaign for A.I. is more brilliant than the campaign for The Blair Witch Project or Batman, with it’s clues and payoffs hidden in print ads and the commercials and trailers… all while keeping the movie itself a secret! God bless you, Steven Spielberg! You are the man!

As far as the movie itself goes, I don’t think that it ever reaches it’s true potential and, yes, the ending was a bit of a stretch, but all of that doesn’t matter in the long run since it’s captivating and thought provoking… Besides, a little extra suspension of disbelief never hurt nobody. I think that A.I. accomplishes what it set out to do and that was to question what it is to love and be loved… what it is to find our place in the world and what it is to want something so badly, that it consumes your every thought. I loved this movie and would like to see it again.

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